Crypto News: August 31, 2018

Chatter Bot Data

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Right now we are updating and fixing our chatter bot data, and updates will be live and updated from about NEXT WEEK onwards!


The best way to put this is this software has cost us about $45,000 USD and its an app that sits on the blockchain that formulated and constantly trawling the internet to pick up data, text, talks, forums speech, and other blog data, to predict events before they happen! It predicted trumps rise, and election victory, the north korea war mongering, the RISE of CRYPTO and BITCOIN, and the bull market in stocks from in the last few years.

The best thing we need to tell you is that when people talk on blogs, forums, chatroom’s, and everywhere online, they are leaving data, and little predictive patterns of text, that can be formulated and intertwined to predict certain events before they happen. That is why using the blockchain technology we are able to sort through all the mess and verbatim and find the missing pieces of the puzzle and generate solid data to go off and determine what topics, events, and news could be coming. Its very powerful sort of like someone telling you what MAJOR events are coming in your life in the next 24 months, before they happen. Its simply amazing and like an all seeing oricle!! It amazes many of our students, and taken about 3 years to MASTER! we have gotten help from some of the top master coders in the US and ASIA to ensure this is the top of its class and the results have been astounding especially with the cryptocurrencies and this whole digital coin world.


So far its claimed about a 93% accuracy rate. Nothing is perfect right!? When BTC was at about $555 it warned us about $3000 prices coming, and made us some profits. But its great for picking up events, weather events, financial events, patterns in the stock market, crypto, and yes, its very accurate.


There are some weeks, the data is very minimal, and other weeks, the data and constructive patterns we pick up are very busy. Meaning the patterns, and emotional tones on the internet change from season to season. Especially around a major events, or something catastrophic. But we only release news and “bot data” if we feel a person can gain from it, or profit from it. That is why its so powerful. We have a talented team who feel updates need to happen about every 1 - 2 weeks.


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if you have any questions feel free to contact our suppport team at :-

financial911 [at]


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