Crypto News: Urgent Alert Update!

pushing the paper!

Update :

This is an urgent alert to all our members and VIP members.

Well, we had to issue an urgent alert as of 3:04am this morning to our members, as there is something important we wanted to share, so we do urge you to take notice. A pushing of paper update!

Over the last few hours, something interesting has been happening with bitcoin/crypto prices in just the last few months. Crypto Market Jumps $10 Billion out of nowhere, please have a look at the hourly chart of bitcoin (below) as prices jumped dramatically a few hours ago!.


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The Crypto Market just JUMPED $10 Billion out of nowhere, but yet our chatter bot kept seeing the words and data construct about “BIG NEWS COMING” and they are “sorting out paper work” and “putting pen to paper” and to the effect that words and data around “pushing the paper and pens” meaning that they {exactly who} we do not know, perhaps the SEC, and that news coming down the pipe for “all things crypto” is going to be EXTREMELY GOOD, and may cause excitement in the air, with all people investing in crypto. The emotional tones around this was quite positive, and or very dramatic!.

Now this is a good sigh of relief, because as you are well aware, there has been nothing but big sell offs, bad news, and people quitting crypto all together. So what we are here to say is the language and data constructs here, about this “paper” or people sorting out paper work for a good news item seem to be be suggest something very very good is on the way! it feel soothing to us, or more like soothing for people hurting right now out in CRYPTO-Land. Obviously this couldn’t have come at a better time right? I am sure you agree!

It does NOT feel like this will probably happen in SEPTEMBER…no, because our data and predictions for major events like this is always wayyy too early. But be that as it may, some of our institutional investors members will find this news soothing or calming, because it feels this bigger news event is going to happen for us probably more like in the month of OCTOBER! That is what it felt like in the text/data patterns itself!

Timing is everything, and you simply can't time the crypto market with any consistency over the long run, even our members who claim our crypto chatter bot is highly accurate in calling the big ups and downs in the market, we have to admit this is not financial advice and we do not actually know what happens next, we are just formulating information prescribed to us from text, and chatter picked up on the blockchain, and handing that data over to you when we feel it necessary. You can get the full releases here and back issued calls as well below…..

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I am not really one to get excited easily, because as an investor its always good idea to leave emotions at the door, and remain calm in either bull or bear markets, but I really felt it mandatory to push this important data out to our members today. If I only do this, if I feel it will help people out there and not harm! .

To me, this feels like something bigger than just a news item, and it could be a market moving event. The time frame would not be this week, but as we are getting close to OCTOBER, I would be of the opinion this very positive important event would be highly likely to play out, in the “OCTOBER” time frame. So we shall see what we get we have a weeks to wait!!! But we do like what we see here! I can assure you of that!

Again, nothing is set in stone, there are no guarantees with our bots, but there was no reason to just sit on this data because the data seems to be using rather strong language, so we decided to issue this 1 off alert today to our chatter bot members.

More updates coming….

Have a great day.

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