Crypto News: Urgent Alert Update!

People Hate Ethereum - Great!

Update :

This is an urgent alert to all our members and VIP members.

I don’t mean to brag or show off here, but I have made huge profits on ETHER, but lets face it… Ether has had a tough year. Im one of the ones that feels, its probably not too late for a comeback, especially looking at our chatter bot data!

However, The world's second-largest digital asset is down over 70 percent since January and can't seem to find its footing after a breakout 2017.

The last four times its lagged this badly, if we have a look, ether saw a "major trend reversal…people are really angry right now, especially the people who bought in JAN 2018. OUCH!….


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As a star performer last year in cryptocurrency, ethereum outperformed its predecessor bitcoin… but 2018 has been a different train wreck story. Investor patience is wearing thin — mainstream adoption isn't here yet, folks screaming they can now short the market, and blockchain is a failure.

Well, lets hold up the reigns there for a minute. :-\

What is happening is people are hating ETHEREUM with a passion, and smart investors, I mean big people in this space, think and feel that sentiment is currently so negative on ETH it might be GOOD!…. I am never one to call this a "a sign of capitulation." or the “bottom” but the lesson today here is I have made lots of profits, when people are sad, upset and in a emotional position. Especially if money has been lost!! You must realise, too many people jumped in ETHEREUM when it started to skyrocket. What I did was jumped in when everyone hated it, my friends told me I was crazy, and people were calling it a scam!!!

Something hated, and under loved, can sometimes be a golden opportunity staring you right in the face. Im not psychic, and I wish I was at times, of course I dont know what is going to next, but I have really mastered the art of studying people at their worst, and profiting from their emotional pain. Investing is crypto is a game for me, and the money is just an added bonus. But you see people are GREEDY in this space and it causes them to often to crazy and unintelligent things. Sometimes you can almost see it coming in waves, and my chatter bot gives me the upper hand as well, no doubt!


People keep using the word SCAM to describe ethereum. Remember, Ethereum is far from a scam, some of my bigger clients are looking at this, wholesomely, because its built its own platform on ethereum and its so much more than a coin. Sure it has its fair share of problems, but to say its a blatant scam, shows me these people have not done their homework on this underloved crypto asset.

Unlike bitcoin, which gives access to a global financial network, ether gives you access to a computer network. Its use has been compared to gasoline for a car, and developers can use ether tokens as fuel for certain functions on that blockchain. Crypto investors dont understand it the way I just explained it and their unenthusiastic flippant knowledge of ether has now just turned to hate and anger, claiming that this is just a scam coin. But you must realize I know 3 serious investors who have made big money on ETHEREUM itself, not only investing in the new token, but the technology behind it! They seem to have the right tools and communicate with each other, to time entries and sell exits pretty well.

Timing is everything, and you simply can't time the crypto market with any consistency over the long run, even our members who claim our crypto chatter bot is highly accurate in calling the big ups and downs in the market, we have to admit this is not financial advice and we do not actually know what happens next, we are just formulating information prescribed to us from text, and chatter picked up on the blockchain, and handing that data over to you when we feel it necessary. You can get the full releases here and back issued calls as well below…..

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I have come to the realization that crypto is so early days, these massive swings up and down are going to continue for a few years I believe. Not to mention everyone is going to keep buying into the euphoria and then panic sell when prices get REKT again!, Like I keep saying - some people will make fortunes, and others will lose houses, cars, and their marriage over this greed to get rich in crypto. Trust me, I have seen it already!!! Dont let green get in your way. Read our reports and learn to time the market or HODL. This will increase your chances of winning in the end. I know one person who bought ETHEREUM when it was $10 and he tells me he is not going to sell until it gets to $3000. I am not telling you that is where the price of ETHER is going, but if we do see those levels in the future, he will probably become a millionaire. But I commend him for the strategy he undertaken, because this sort of approach can work, and has worked for me in the past, not just with CRYPTO, but other investments and assets.

Our VIP members love the fact we are trying to educate them, and its important because alot of people have lost HUGE amounts of money in this space, because they BUY SKYROCKETING CRYPTO COINS and THEN PANIC SELL WHEN CRYPTO PRICES CRASH!…. This is like getting blasted in the face with a firehouse turned on full. OUCH!!!!

To me, if something has skyrocketed, that is too late. That is when someone like myself is selling their crypto assets or coins to take profits out. On the other hand if something is crashing even in the stockmarket or crypto, I realize this is so early in the piece or caveman days, I will say to myself, “Is this crashing for a reason, Or could this drastic price action spell an opportunity” Its a simple question to ask yourself. LOVE WHAT OTHERS HATE? sounds bizarre right?, but it can be a way to turn this emotional vibration ideology into money!

Again, nothing is set in stone, there are no guarantees with our bots, but there is no reason listen to other newbies crypto investors saying ETHEREUM is a scam, because the dramatic price sell off we have seen the last several months might just be a golden financial opportunity that lays hidden. I will let you be the judge! This is not financial advice, we are just trying to teach you the rules about investing and how you can profit when other people panic. I hope you remember these words when you go about your day today, because they have not only helped me make money but these words have totally changed my life!!!

More updates coming….

Have a great day.

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