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Lets Punt This one.

As we come into the end of 2018, I keep getting asked …. What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest for early 2019?

Well, I do not think that is the right question you should be asking when it comes to investing your money at the end of 2018. I will tell you why….

Basically as an investor you need to realize, there is no perfect coin, but here are the top investment tips I can give you.

1 ) look for next generational coins, that will provide support for the future.

2) Dont buy one coin with your money. Diversify, Diversify, Diversify.

3) Get yourself a mentor and learn from them.

4) Look to where the smart money is going.

5) Dont just buy a coin like XRP because people say its the next bitcoin. This is horrible advice.

6) Investing is about research, the more research you do the more astute and informed decisions you will make.

7) Dont ask strangers questions in forums like quora, or twitter, Do your own due diligence and make your choices that way.

8) The top 10 coins on CMC are there for a reason, do more research and see which ones take your fancy and feel more solid as a longer term investment.

9) Do not expect the volatility (the wild swings on crypto) to go away. Realize you are an early adopter and regulation issues are causing big swings up and down, and likely to continue.

10) 90% of Investors BUY HIGH and PANIC SELL LOW! Do not be one of these people. Realize the only way to make very large profits is from buying when prices or assets are deflated, and then selling when prices or assets have inflated dramatically.

11) Only invest money that is disposable. I have seen far too many people lose money in crypto this year! This is because they are GREEDY and investing their rent and grocery money. This is a bad choice and bad choices have bad consequences 100% of the time.

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Hope these tips help you in 2019 and beyond. Remember this investment motto Here it is. Motto : “You’re are the master of your own fate, and if it is to be, then its up to me!” So grab the wheel, work hard and you can create any sort of income you desire, it does not have to just be in crypto.

Good luck, and happy investing.

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Hope this helps. :-)

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