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go-for-broke investing

Update :

This is an urgent alert to all our members and VIP members.

Today is an important update, because early in my career I had a big problem with this. The Whole “ BUY BUY BUY, GET IN NOW” and FEAR OF MISSING out mentality!. This is all about how to Avoid a go-for-broke investing mentality by keeping emotional decisions under control!

The simple answer to the question "Should I go all in?" is… "Don't do it."

It is very difficult to stay focused on your long-term goals when the market has gone up for an extended period of time. Most people recognize the feeling they get when they watch the price of bitcoin or crypto rally or they review their investments after a really positive couple of months and realize they aren't keeping up with the entire market, or not making as much money as their friends~! UH OH!…and this is where big problems can start to CREEP IN!!……


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We all tend to second-guess our decisions when the market has gone up more than our portfolios, and we all have those moments when we start thinking maybe we are doing something wrong.

The simple truth is that you might not be doing anything wrong in your crypto portfolio. Remember tracking your portfolio based on one index is definitely not the way to measure performance.

The best way and the most simplest is to track your performance over the long run, not in a 4-5 week period like some people tend to do in crypto.

I have had many questions from investors about whether they should increase their exposure in btc and crypto coins, and the risk in their entire portfolio.

For many the answer is no. The best way to view this risk-reward relationship is by looking back at periods of time where we had either a really good market or a really bad one.

Remember in 2017 towards the end, everyone was jumping into crypto. While others panicked to get in, I was panicking to get out and take profits. And right now is a better time, because everyone is panicking to get out of crypto, and our bots are already hinting it might be a good time, to dip your toes back in the water because prices are cheaper again. { => READ OUR ALERT UPDATES HERE } So right now, crypto markets are down, but I can think back to even 2015 and 2016, when I bought coins back then prices were even lower and BTC was too. But I was not taking risks out of my portfolio to add coins I wanted.

Timing is everything, and you simply can't time the crypto market with any consistency over the long run, even our members who claim our crypto chatter bot is highly accurate in calling the big ups and downs in the market, we have to admit this is not financial advice and we do not actually know what happens next, we are just formulating information prescribed to us from text, and chatter picked up on the blockchain, and handing that data over to you when we feel it necessary. You can get the full releases here and back issued calls as well below…..

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Maybe there are things you could do to more effectively manage your portfolio but it is not an all-or-nothing decision. Given the uncertainty surrounding the crypto markets these days, now is a great time to take a good look at your portfolio. As you review your overall portfolio and the investments in it keep the following in mind:

Think about your overall goals and objectives. What are you trying to achieve with these dollars? Can you target a higher return and accept higher risk and still reach your objectives? If not, take it slow increasing the risk of your portfolio.

If you don't have a financial plan, this review is a great reason to develop one starting right now. Planning now means a lot less stress and regrets later. Think about what a financial plan could mean to you and your family. A major benefit is that it keeps you focused and on track for the longer term and not just the short term. Remember do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Make sure you understand the basics of investing, even if you hire a professional to help you manage your money. You need to understand the reasoning behind how your dollars are managed. This is an important aspect to investing in crypto.

Make sure you re-balance periodically to bring it back in line with your original asset allocation if there has been no change in your financial situation or investment objectives. If there has been, you need to revisit your original asset allocation. If you originally targeted 30% in smaller coins and 70% percent in BTC or larger coins keep the re-balance in check over the long run, so you dont run the risk of heavier losses.

Review each individual investment. If you own a cyptocoin, is it still a good company? is it performing well and advancing as a company? If not, why not? Would you buy it today? Slow down and really think about the investments you currently have. Even if an investment has lost money, it is not necessarily a bad long-term investment in the crypto game, so just remember that. Don't just react to what is going on in crypto over the last few days, or if your coin has taken a nasty hit. This is crypto and its a very volatile game.

TIP : don't buy the latest hot crypto coin, or buy something on the hot tip of a friend or neighbor that has skyrocketed in 2 week. In my opinion that could be too late, and put you at risk of heavier losses down the track.

Think about the basics of investing. You want to buy low and sell high, not the other way around. Don't get caught selling something after it may be close to a bottom, especially if you believe it is still a good company or a good coin. The flip side is, don't fall in love with coin, just because you love the name, or heard it was good that does not mean its going to make you a BILLIONAIRE! so be realistic is what we are saying here!!.

If you aren't sure what to do, or you find yourself unable to make a decision, email our analysts at { } and join our mentorship program. We are capable of helping you work through some of these tough decisions for a small fee. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance in a difficult market.

Sooner or later the market might go back up, at least in our experience that is probably likely. Until then keep that go-for-broke mentality under wraps if we experience a bull market soon and don't let emotions control your investment decisions in the process.

More updates coming….

Have a great day.

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